Globaltic Binchotan 10kg


  • Up to 4 hours burning time
  • 97% pure carbon
  • No smoke
  • Gives natural taste to food
  • Made from Far East white oak, using traditional Japanese technology.


Since ancient times in Kishu, Japan, charcoal makers have been using a traditional method to make a special kind of charcoal, known as Binchotan.
The art of creating this charcoal is handed down through generations.

Binchotan charcoal is 95% or more of pure carbon, whereas regular charcoals are around 75%.

The making process takes about ten days for each batch and it goes through a lot of wood, not only the valuable Ubame Oak that is lost at various points if the temperature dips and rises, but also the faster burning wood that is used to heat the kiln.

The resulting Binchotan charcoal is incredibly light, weighing only a tenth of it’s original weight and it’s micro-porous structure has approximately 270 square metres of internal surface in each gram.

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