About Us

The BBQ Company – Our names are Hector and Pat, we are a NEW owner run business with two passionate South African cooks who have grown up cooking great food over the fire and outdoors.

We value customer service and building relationships with our customers as the bbq community is very much a family, we love what we do and we love teaching people new ways to enjoy cooking outdoors. Coming from a traditional 12 month of the year bbq season ( Braai season) to a mind set that you only bbq in the summer months was interesting.

We believe that cooking outdoors can and should be done year around, no matter the weather conditions. With our range of premium bbq’s we will be able to guide you how you can adapt what you cook on the bbq in order to enjoy great tasting food off the grill year around. Wether it be Christmas roasts, summer steaks or slow cooked winter stews and curries.

We will be adding a BBQ Cooking Class in the future once our operations are fully up and running and are very excited to kick this part of our business off. Buying from an owner run store like this not only gives you personalised service, it gives you a friendly name and face you can call or chat to if you need some advice on anything BBQ, we are always happy to pass on some helpful hints and tips on getting the most out of your cooking experience.

We want more people to share our passion and start cooking better than restaurant quality food straight from their own back yards – its really not that hard and anyone can do it.

If you have any questions on recipes, bbq’s or would like some advice on what to buy please don’t hesitate to call us on 0140 358 1737 or pop us an email on sales@thebbqcompany.uk.