Our Instructors


Hector Nicou

Resident Pitmaster


I’m a passionate South African cook who grew up cooking great food over the fire and outdoors.

I value building relationships with our customers as the bbq community is very much a family, I love what I do and we love teaching people new ways to enjoy cooking outdoors. Coming from a traditional 12 month of the year bbq season ( Braai season) to a mind set that you only bbq in the summer months was interesting.

I believe that cooking outdoors can and should be done year around, no matter the weather conditions. We will be able to guide you how you can adapt what you cook on the bbq in order to enjoy great tasting food off the grill year around. Wether it be Christmas roasts, summer steaks or slow cooked winter stews and curries.


  • Kamado Joe Classic III
  • Kamado Joe Joe Jnr
  • Masterbuilt 1050


Oli Richards

The Surrey Smoker


Oli’s love of food transferred outdoors around 10 years ago, when he realised the flavour potential of smoke and fire on some of his favourite ingredients. After swiftly switching out super market marinaded meat and buying his first Kamado Joe grill, he set up @surreysmoking to document some of his creations (and to spare his friends and family the regular pulled meat updates).

He’s now an experienced BBQ chef, who’s passions include cooking great British, seasonal produce (expect lots of meat nerd chat), as well as Korean and Middle Eastern flavours. Whilst not forgetting the classic American Deep South “low n slow” dishes it all started with.



  • Kamado Joe Classic III
  • Kamado Joe Joe Jnr
  • Webber Q2200


David & Katherine Waterton

Spice Punch


We are a husband and wife team who enjoy exploring food and BBQ. We always book a cooking class when travelling abroad to explore new ingredients, techniques and flavours that we can bring home or apply in different ways.

We love to apply cooking techniques to BBQ and trying food based experiments, we think there really isn’t anything that cant be cooked on the BBQ and we have been known to make ice cream and temper chocolate on the BBQ to prove such a point!

We have a professional dry ager at home and often experiment with different cuts of meat and lengths of time to see how the dry ageing process changes the flavour and texture of the meat. Through this, we have also started learning about animal butchery and how to prepare different cuts of meat giving us a lot more insight and respect to the craft of butchery.


  • Big Green Egg
  • Savage BBQ’s – https://savagebbq.co.uk/



Phil Roberts



My food philosophy is to drive towards no waste and using less popular cuts of meat to make cooking economically friendly.

You don’t have to take out a mortgage to buy imported brisket – great food is one lamb heart and some fire away

I enjoy BBQ and live fire cooking in all its forms.


  • Kamado Joe
  • Firepit
  • Asado parilla
  • Hellrazr yama
  • Pellet Grills

Dan Catford

The Urban Streatery


Urban Streatery started life as a taco stall 5 years ago and since has evolved into selling sauces and a dedicated Instagram account. A trained chef for the past 21 years in a multitude of different kitchen environments, from Mexican to fine dining , now working with all those experiences to cater for small plate, chefs table and cocktail evenings using live-fire cooking techniques mainly on the savage bbq fire cage ,  across the south of England.


  • Savage BBQ Fire Cage – https://savagebbq.co.uk/
  • OVO Kamado
  • Traeger Grill
  • PK Grill